Small Business COVID-19 Resources

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The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting small business in many different aspects. Whether your business is retail, manufacturing, or service related, the one consistent theme uniting all small business is the need to pivot… Read More

Simplify Mileage Tracking

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Automatic mileage tracking, is that possible? With Automatic, it is now! We are constantly asking clients for mileage to deduct on their tax returns.  You know who are you: Realtors, Contractors, Sales professionals,… Read More

Keeping good records, be in the know

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Keep it separated Some of the real estate agents we have worked with were shocked when they got their tax bill.  They owed more to the IRS due to not capturing all of their expenses.  They had been missing out on… Read More

Fathom and Xero, what a Beautiful Pair

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A Xero refresher... If you're running a business, then chances are good that you know of or have already incorporated Xero software to help with the financials. With Xero, the sky is the limit. The list of things to… Read More

Cloud Financials & Security

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Everything is on the web. Yes, yes it is.  Read More

Cloud Security and Password Management

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Phishing attacks continue, your cloud security is in your password management... I hear it everyday, "I don't want my data in the cloud, I worry about cloud security".  Yet the same people that tell me that, also email… Read More

Universal Truths about Business and Life!

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Accounting and Healthcare have more in common than you think! Jay Kimelman is the digital CPA.  That title describes him in every sense of the word.  He sees numbers in his head in nice neat columns, remembers them in… Read More

Xero Cash, No Manual Journals

Jay Kimelman Cash, How-To, Manual Journal, xero

I keep seeing the question "How do I post a manual journal to a cash account in Xero?"  The simple answer is YOU CAN'T! Xero is programmed to not allow transactions to be coded to a "Bank Account".  So the question is,… Read More

WordPress, WooCommerce and Xero working together, seamlessly

Jay Kimelman Woocommerce, Wordpress, xero

WordPress, WooCommerce and Xero working together, seamlessly. Your not surprised when I say that Wordpress is the most popular and used CMS or content management system used on the internet today. WordPress with over 2… Read More