Xero Cash, No Manual Journals

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I keep seeing the question "How do I post a manual journal to a cash account in Xero?"  The simple answer is YOU CAN'T! Xero is programmed to not allow transactions to be coded to a "Bank Account".  So the question is,… Read More

Phishing Attacks are increasing, Please BEWARE!

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Those behind the recent rash of phishing scams are increasing the frequency and the attempts are much better than ever before. E-mail users beware, those hard to detect phishing scams are becoming even more difficult to… Read More

WordPress, WooCommerce and Xero working together, seamlessly

Jay Kimelman Woocommerce, Wordpress, xero

WordPress, WooCommerce and Xero working together, seamlessly. Your not surprised when I say that Wordpress is the most popular and used CMS or content management system used on the internet today. WordPress with over 2… Read More

Tax ID Theft Protection on the Way

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Image Credit: http://media.graytvinc.com/ Read More