Tips for Loan Denial

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It's boot strap time Pulling yourself up by the bootstraps after a loan denial can feel a bit like trying to fly. Wait, we do get around pretty well in those 747s... A'hem, my point is this kind of rejection can sting,… Read More

How to Manage Tax-Time Stress

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For many people, there is no other season of the year more stressful than tax time. While the great majority of this stress can be reduced by working with a knowledgeable CPA, some folks can't help having some lingering… Read More

Fathom and Xero, what a Beautiful Pair

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A Xero refresher... If you're running a business, then chances are good that you know of or have already incorporated Xero software to help with the financials. With Xero, the sky is the limit. The list of things to… Read More

Going on a trip? Here's a Checklist that might help!

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Trips and vacations are exciting to think about and plan! A lot of times it's so exciting, liftoff has already begun. Why.. you feel so aerodynamic, you begin to wonder what you needed a plane for in the first place!… Read More

Tips when Applying for a Loan

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The idea... We've all had our hearts set on something, whether it was remodeling the office or purchasing new equipment for the business...there are just times when getting a loan is appropriate. There are also times… Read More

Xero Mobility for Entrepreneurs

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Businesses today are choosing mobile apps for the extra time and freedom they bring. We’ve entered an era where it’s easy to either take your business with you or happily leave it securely behind (for the day or week… Read More

Social Media for Business

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What's your platform of choice? It's safe to say the number of social media platforms are too many to count. There are, however, trending social media sites which tend to draw more users than others. And, you might be… Read More

.+*.*Christmas Reading for the Entrepreneur!*+.*

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What a beautiful holiday, Christmas! Warm lights twinkle about rooftops and family members stand around visiting with their Irish Coffees, and Cups of Hot Cocoa. For many of us, it's a wondrous time to get lost in the… Read More

2017 Year End Preparation

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Another great milestone... Hang on, you're almost there; it's nearly time to celebrate another successful milestone in your business! Tax season is just around the corner and now is the time to give tribute to all the… Read More

Investing, Selling and Your Tax Returns

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